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You can escape thousands and thousands of kilometers far from your place…but memories always will follow you like a shadow.

And I was 6 years old and it was summer,I remember the lights of a seafront in Crotone,a fresh breeze passing by the car window,I was waiting my father who was inside the Tobacco Warehouse,at time we had a Tobacco shop and every wednesday my father brought me there,sometimes I waited also 2 hours inside the car,I knew every little detail of that car,I was wondered by what I considered a big city, Crotone looked such of New York into my eyes , I lived in very different environment,so small place where time goes on so slowly that you cannot feel,instead over there every moment was alive,different frames,cars,girls smiling on a back seat of motorbike,I wanted to open the door and get lost in that world and at time I was damn scared by my father. He beated me many time,maybe stressed by the life or maybe he was always like that,but in deep he loved me.

That night ,as we say in Italy,the moon was in the right position and he was quite in good mood,he grabbed my hands and propose me to have an icecream,then we passed in front of a Pizzeria and instinctively I asked him to have a pizza.

We sitted there, a restaurant on the beach,a lot of tourists and people walking on that boulevard,we had tourists also in our place but over there everything looked better,then my eyes started to bright,I saw tow coin-op games in a side of the Pizzeria,I immediately put a coin inside, I was damn attracted by videogames,for childs right now they are something usual,when I was a child they weren´t, all these images moving under my control,fantastic stages animating my imagination,I stressed so much my father for months until for Christamas time he bought me the Atari 2600. I was the only one in my town owned one with 3 games,every of my friends wanted to play with my Atari, I spent infinite hours trying to finish Galaxy…only when I grew up I understood that there isn´t an end.

Anyway ended the coin I ate the pizza and I remember it was so tasty one,that night I was so proud of my father,that night my father worked like father.

It was late,time to come back,I remember Battisti songs in the tape,sometimes I hated to listen him for all the many times I listened consecutively…now instead I love and understanding the lyrics I can feel that bitter pleasant flavour that before I couldn´t and remember that little child that I was in his dirt canvas shoes and then can feel the summer breeze and watch the world seen from below like any baby,a world where everything is bigger,imagination bigger,emotions bigger…that I cannot discern what was real by what my imagination created,they are the same thing like when you mix Gin with Cola,not anymore Gin,not anymore Cola…just a different taste coming up in the head.