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“Il Grande Caffè 1936” by Aligi Sassu,futurist italian paintress. This paint is very bouyant,colorful,in the coffeè the wealthy people enjoys this game of glimpses and rumours. It’s the Milan of the first economical boom,a city in continuos evolution,able to compete with the biggest and more populars Paris and Berlin,it’s the Milan of the high class wants to show off his wealth and live life day by day. This picture remind me also our culture of “aperitivo” ( typical milanese happy our people daily celebrates from 18pm until 20pm) , a way to socialize but also such a due to stay in touch with friends and else…
IT’S JUST A CAREFREE MOMENT where people don’t want to use their brains but just live emotions and also now it’s the same for me,just a carefree moment where my head is off and just my eyes work by theirselves.