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hotleplandExclusive interview with Ott Lepland.

We pubblish integrally…

Dominick:sorry Ott,oota kaks minutid…I am on the telephone. Yes,who is? Buduaar. How much you offer for Ott interview? 5000€… ok I think about…halo! who is? Kroonika,ah ok I am dealing with Buduaar,how much you bid? 7000€…not bad…I don’t know if Ott will accept to make pics cooking saslokk in Pirosmani. But ok we talk later…halo! Õhtuleth…I am dealing with Kroonika,how much you bid? 10000€,ok ok we can deal,yes no problem we can create a fake gossip between Ott and Liis Lemsalu,yes something like Ott was jealous of her and broke the face of Koit Toome in Kodu Baar,then we think about it. ok ok see you later.

Dominick: Ok Ott,sorry for the late,let´s start this interview. first at all I want to ask what do you think of Liis Lemsalu? she is cute , she is cute ,she is cute 🙂

Ott:I don´t understand why do you ask me that. Yes,I know her,we are friends but just acquaintances.

Dominick: You should go out more with her,do you want the 6number?

Ott:No,I can´t.

Dominick: why?

Ott: Because I lost my smartphone and I am using a Motorola Startac,I don´t have memory anymore to save the numbers.

Dominick:ok I understand perfectly…Ott,me and you we know from so long time also if we had a little discussion in past,but I hope now everything is solved.

Ott: No I never forgot when you escaped from Klubi Teater leaving me alone to pay drinks to those drunk girls from Põlvamaa. 

Dominick:No,Ott…I seriously forgot to switch off the gas in my kitchen …I breathed so much gas that day that I didn´t use Valgu Mihkel (lighter) for 2 weeks. Anyway your fans wants to know when are you planning to release a new album?

Ott: I cannot say exactly when,you should know that the success of my song “Kuula” forced me to translate and sing that in many languages,so are coming soon new versions of that like pakistan,old birmanian,setu keeles and then also I am pushing my new website. That´s why I am here.

Dominick:yes yes,I forgot to say that Ott released this interview to launch his new porno website http://www.hotlepland.ee . But Ott,let´s stay on the topic,many of your fans make gossip about your… But do you have a prosthesis in the pant or everything is real?

Ott:Real,real,Dominick this was a big problem from when I started the kindergarden,all my classmates flirted with coetaneus girls,me instead I was stalked by the educators because of my size. I couldn´t play football,I couldn´t play basket,at beach everyone looked my costume. The only game I was allowed to do is “Spin the bottle game”. This problem anyway helped me to raise my sensibility and my creative spirit.

Dominick: I can imagine dude, many fans ask me why lately you disappeared from the “public life”? it´s long time we don´t see you in Venus.

Ott:You know Dominick,time goes on,it´s not time for wild parties anymore. And second there is big crisis.To pay the new free public transport Edgar Savisaar charged all the estonian singers of some extra taxes and fines. Like the tax for the soprano,the acustic tax,the Parksingvoice tax ,everytime we sing in Europark or Tallinn public parking area we have to send a message to the number 1902 and the area we sing and then in the end call the number 1903,second by the area we spend money to sing!!! This is persecution,so now we all estonian singers got in broke. But I enjoy my life anyway,I rediscovered the real taste of life,we gather with friend in Viimsi Statoil,we eat a peekoniburger all toghether,we sip kali,I installed some Atari videogames in the Gasoline Atm Screen,easy things…we are like a family.

Dominick:oh so lovely. Ott Eurovision experience left a sign in your life,why?

Ott: yes,in the backstage I met a very cute Albanian singeress, Ana Tirana,we immediately felt this energy,this chemistry,like when you think you know someone but you don´t know that you know that she knows that the mom knows but the father not yet and then in the end everybody knows but fake to don´t know.


Ott:yes,after couple of hours where we exchanged ideas,projects and emotions,after all this charm…his boyfriend Dimitry,whom has the same size of Polar Bear, came in the backstage room and  punched me . I tried to create empathy with him saying that Estonia and Albania are small countries and we have to socialize,but he didn´t want to communicate so much. Sorry Dominick I need to sing”

Kuula, mis räägib silmapiir,
kuula, kui kaugele ta viib,
kuula, mis tuulel öelda veel,
kuula.. nüüd.”

Dominick: Please Ott,stop to sing all the time the same song. 

Ott Lepland: I feel sad and when I sing Kuula I remind the old good times,like in Jaanipäev,do you remember in Nõmme?Ott Lepland digital EP

Dominick: I was there Ott,but your people escaped after you sang Kuula for the 20th time.

Ott Lepland: Shut up,I am the best estonian singer after Tõnis Mägi… they cannot understand the deep meaning of “

Kuula, mis räägib silmapiir,
kuula, kui kaugele ta viib,
kuula, mis tuulel öelda veel,
kuula.. nüüd.”

Dominick: when you wrote this song and why?

Ott Lepland: You mean “

Kuula, mis räägib silmapiir,
kuula, kui kaugele ta viib,
kuula, mis tuulel öelda veel,
kuula.. nüüd.” ?

Dominick:yes I meant that.STOP FUCKING SINGiNG THIS SONG. Sorry the telephone. Hi Liis! How are you? Ott is Liis Lemsalu…tell me tell me,me ? Kroonika? gossip about you? no no no I don´t know nothing,ok honey we see later in Lasso Baar.

Ok Ott why and when you wrote Kuula?

Ott: It was complicated day,I just bought a new telephone at time and I didn´t know how to install MMS plugin,I called Tele 2 and very sublime sweet voice started to say”Kuula”,I didn´t know what the fuck she said about MMS fares,settings and screen problems,but I loved her,we spent all the night on the telephone talking about Tele 2 topics,the day after she was fired from Transcom and she knocked my door asking me money…I came down we met ,it was a snowy day and unfortunately I broke her heart.


Ott: Before I said that I turned to EMT,then I said…

“Kuula, mis räägib silmapiir,
kuula, kui kaugele ta viib,
kuula, mis tuulel öelda veel,
kuula.. nüüd.”

Dominick:Ok Ott,thanks for the interview,there is very big hype for your new porno website and we hope to see you here soon.

Ott: Tänan. Yes people,click on my new website and download my new application for Ios and Android named KUULA,every 5 times you listen Kuula song you are allowed to see a short pornoclip and don´t forget to buy my album on store. On I-tunes is now available also the new track I have done with Smilers “PeetriKuula”.