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Let’s say that Tallinn is very active city for the nightlife and it’s getting much more popular despite the prices raise. This means that nowadays there are many clubs,bar,restaurants…Butterfly has not more than 3 years of life but in this short time they built very high reputation as cocktail bar,as much to be consider the best cocktail bar in Baltic area from many magazines. The owner is quite expert about cocktails field and recently wrote also a book about,I was many times there,especially in summer time when they have terrace is one of my favourite place to chill out and sip a pleasant cocktail,I can honestly say that Butterfly may compete in cocktails also against the best trendy lounge bar in the Milan of “aperitivo” where the culture of cocktail is really high, in fact is the only bar in Tallinn able to do “Spritz” cocktail for example ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spritz_(alcoholic_beverage ),totally unknown in all the rest of Tallinn,so much unknown that some months in ago asking the same in “El Nino” the bartender thought I was talking about a dog. One common thing you will find in any Bar,club,loungebar in Tallinn is the use of the dispenser to spill alcohol, in any cocktail there is a fixed quantity of vodka,rum,gin,like they calculate previously how many drink they can serve with that bottle,but this is common in all Estonia. So usually to get more alcoholic stronger cocktail as you might be used in your country you gotta ask for a “double” dose.

The cocktail amazed me more is for sure Pina Colada,they do very tasty one and they do also a not alcoholic version,sweet but very pleasant,but generally all the beverages and cocktails are EXCELLENT,never been disappointed.

They serve also food but let’s say that it’s much more place to drink than to eat,I didn’t eat bad,except once where they served me very overcooked burger,but I also never ate good,it’s ok just for a snack or to eat something with your drink,not for a dinner on purpose.

The environment is colorful,modern,cheery,dinamic with a lot of artistic details and pictures on the wall. Young “cool” people in Tallinn loves that,in the weekend is always crowded and sometimes overcrowded. During the week in summer time there is also much people,in wintertime as all the places in Tallinn almost empty, except when they plane some event.

In events they are enough active,often you can find a singer/band playing live or a dj, it’s not born as pure club but can happens sometime that the party inside involve people so much to turn it in a disco party almost. The main target of Butterfly is trendy people,good looking from 21 to 35,during turistical season it’s easy to find people from everywhere but majority is always estonians.
In summer time to find a free place in the terrace will be very harsh feat.

Location is very easy to find, adress is vana viru 13,Tallinn. Two steps from Viru Keskus,just 50m far from Venus Club and WW Passaz.