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Kätlin Valdmets Miss Estonia 2012

Kätlin Valdmets ME 2012

1) little description of you and what are you interests.

I am Kätlin Valdmets,actually in charge of Miss Estonia 2012 title,I come from a little town near Rakvere.

I have many interests but main ones are 3 bakery,cardiofitness and singing. I know can look strange but I love bakery and pastry-making,I can say it´s a passion started long time ago and I love to bake something good for my friends,I also thought that one day I may open my own biz connected with this passion. Now of course I care also about modelling and promotion because I am working with that but until one year ago I was totally unrelated with this world.

2)Experiences and places that changed your life or opened your mind

Well,I am honest I didn´t travel so much in past. For sure Madrid is the place changed me more,when I came back in my country I started to behave with very different attitude and loaded by a new energy,then the ordinary estonian life and the routine calmed down this iperactivity.

3)Generally talk about your taste and style.

When I go out I like to care about my look and dress glamourous,have a nice style and feel inside perfect. Lately I like to wear very much in black colour,but of course it depends by the situation. But I appreciate very much also white and blue. Very singular match because if you think those are also the estonian flag colours.

4) 3 shops where you buy clothes in Tallinn

Zara,because everything fits to me and quality/price ratio is fine,quite affordable. Then Mohito,in viru keskus,I don´t like everything but some suits a lot to my taste and it´s very cheap. Then I like also Monton,because it´s classy,elegant. I look younger than my age and wearing elegant I look more woman than girl.

5)3 shoes shops you buys shoes in Tallinn

Actually let´s say that I prefer to buy abroad,like in Canaria where there is much more choice,this concerns also clothes. We don´t have so many shoes shop,not so much variety. I don´t know really what name to put,maybe Salamander…better skip this question.

6)3 lingerie shops where you buy lingerie in Tallinn

better skip also this question…I prefer to buy abroad also lingerie.

Kätlin Valdmets

Kätlin Valdmets make up

7)favourite parfums

I love so much “Coco Chanel”,it fits on me and on my skin,the lasting is also long,it´s the parfum I feel more suitable for my style. Sometimes I like some parfum from Versace line. Then for ordinary days in Spain I like to buy very easy parfums scented with chocolate that you can find in Sephora,it´s just an everyday parfum but so good one. Also here in Tallinn I buy sometimes shower gel with chocolate or vanilla scent in Body Shop,whom is one of my favourite shop at all in Tallinn.

8) how you keep in fit,little tricks and diet suggestion.

I am going oftento gym,almost everyday,so cardiofitness and during spring/summer even jogging. I don´t add any extra sugar to my diet,ok sometimes I like to eat chocolate but I know already that I will burn those calories after. I love to bake the cakes but as I said before I do mostly for my friends and not for myself. And another trick is that I don´t eat white bread. I confess that even for my skin white bread is not so good,my skin is very sensitive and maybe I have some little intolerance/allergy to white bread for my skin. Only sometimes I allow when we toast eating salmon,because salmon with dark bread doesn´t taste so good for me. I love salmon,I eat almost everyday in salads and in other courses. I love to eat avocado,I like enough also sushi generally. I don´t  eat any pork meat. And another suggestion…NO STRESS,tryng to keep a good balance in my life to avoid stressing situations.

9)favourite places you hang out in Tallinn

To eat for example I like Chedi and Bocca,in both they have italian food. In Bocca I had also the chance to see how they work inside,I like to see how people cook. Well,then I try to don´t go to places have a strange name and never in restaurant or bar inside an Hotel.

10)favourite books.

Let´s say this,I like to read but I like to read when my mind is relaxed,this last year working with this Miss Estonia title time is less,so just quickly I read some magazine and when I travel some book.  In this moment I don´t feel to name some special book,something really impressed me.

11) what are your projects about the future?

I don´t know what I will do when I will finish this Miss Estonia task. But for sure I know that modelling is just something temporary. My real dream is one day to open my own business,like a good caffetteria similar to Josephine Kohvik in vene tanav ,of course with a good bakery annexed. This is what I really really want and what can make me happy right now…but let´s see,life is long.

12)how a man can surprise you? your perfect match.

Actually I have to say that it´s really easy to surprise me because I like very easy things. I love humour for example so a man makes me laugh gains many points with me. The man has not be a model for me. His personality has to take my attention. he has to be intelligent,show respect toward me,smart and then I have to feel like I have strong shoulder next to me,I am woman and it´s natural I can have my weak moments,so my man has to be ready to support me especially in those moments. At same time I hate when a man say always ” Kätlin you are ok,bla bla bla”,I want a man able to criticize me.

13)one thing you have never done in life and you would like to do or you regretted you didn´t do.

Maybe I may say that I could start modelling before. But I never thought about before.

14)a place you never been but inspire you for a next trip.

America,Usa. I have grown up with american dream.I know of course that it´s a different place than the the America we are used to watch in the movies,but I am still very curious and addicted to know that country. And main two destinations New York and LA.

15)Can you share with us a funny or plesant episode,memory,situation in your life?

Oh one funny thing is the I always some trouble with bankcards like for example sometimes I lost,sometimes I put 3 times the wrong password and card has gone. Sometimes happens worse troubles in my life but I such feel that beside me there is a guardian angel protects and make me feel quiet also in complicated situations.

One story comes up in my mind now is that once I should go out  and I was in a hurry,I closed the door but forgetting my key inside the flat…so I called a man could fix this problem,there some company doing this kind of work here. I was thinking if I had enough money in my walley to pay this man,so quickly I withdrawed some money from Atm and then I when this man ended the work I offered him a coffee and tried to bargain the fare with him,but there was nothing to do…the money I withdrawed was not enough to pay the invoice so I ran again out to withdraw again from the first Atm and when I arrived there I saw that…I LOST MY BANKCARD!!! I didn´t know what to say to him so then I explained the situation and I said I will pay him after I come back from my countryside trip ,just couple of days,he trusted me and we saw again after 2 days,the amount remained to pay was about 1000 estonian kroons but the guy was very kind and smiled taking only the half.

interview with Kätlin Valdmets

Kätlin Valdmets pink clothe