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( The last estonian social networks/dating web sites survivors )

In this era where Facebook and Twitter dominate in the western countries and Vk.com rules in the nearby Russia it´s not easy for the 100% estonian social networks ( or dating web sites) to survive,people spend much more time in FB and also  “Orkut” which was very popular some years ago is definitely buried in the memories . Another big defect affects estonian social networks is the fact that all of them don´t have any application for Android or Ios, an important factor if we consider that nowadays everyone connect in internet with mobilephone or smartphone,especially here in Tallinn where there is free WiFi in all the public places and locals.

But let´s introduce the last survivors…

RATE – www.rate.ee


Rate estonian social network

Rate is very old estonian social network with still crowded community,before was used by everyone but now the target totally changed turned in a website for teenagers,the main characteristic of the site is that you can rate the pictures of the user,it´s also possible to have your own blog,save your photoalbum and read some topics,the interface is a little oldfashiones but works still fine and the site is also in english,so not only estonian.  For sure I am little bit overage to use it but it´s interesting to look around and gives a good view about new estonian generation.  I may say that all the people I contacted replied so it means people likes to communicate inside and the site is still enough alive and interactive.

FLIRTIC – www.flirtic.ee


Flirtic estonian dating web site

Flirtic is not truly a social network but more a dating web site,crowded mostly by estonians, because russian community prefers usually Love.mail.ru or Badoo. I don´t know effectively when it was created but I guess much more recently than Rate, the target is older,let´s say mostly from 23 years old going up, one interesting function inside this website is the possibility to send an invitation for a real date buying a real vocheur in a bar/pub/restaurant agreeded with Flirtic,naturally only if the “partner” on the other part of the screen accepted your invitation, an original idea let´s say. The interface is quite fast and easy, nice graphic but only in estonian,no english. I am not so big fan of this site,but I met some person by Flirtic, but it looks like it´s getting more empty and the community slowly is leaving it. A year ago more people replied,now I guess just occasionally go to check inside.

IHA – www.iha.ee


Iha – adult dating website / community

Despite the old obsolete graphic we can say that Iha will keep it´s own niche of members for a long while,why? Simply because it´s not an average dating website but an adult dating web sites for spicy meetings, so the community use it to interact,of course it´s a small community like every adult web site,honestly I don´t know so well how it works and what is the target of people attend this website,if it´s trustable or not,they should have a version also in english. For sure it´s still the main source for adult chat/meeting in Estonia.