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Must Pudel bar desk

Must Pudel

Some friend criticized me because I made reviews only about “poshy” places in Tallinn,but Tallinn is not only that and fortunately offers a wide range of locals to choose with different people. A place deserves to be visited is for sure Must Pudel in muurivahe street,not for sure a poshy place, someone likes to define that “bohemian”,my friend Kati instead prefers to call it “hipster” place,but essentially Must Pudel is a place for easygoing people which doesn´t pretend so much.

Environment is cheap,minimal but artistic and artistic is also the people attends it,many youngs, some erasmus, some student looking for a place to read a book and sip a cup of tea in quiet place or just surf in internet on smartphone/tablet, naturally like the most of the places in Tallinn the WiFi is free. The bar is such shared in 3 main room,the bar desk facing to the street,the lounge room with comfortable sofa and chairs,another small room and the terrace in summertime. Service is ok, composed by students or very young waiters/waitresses .

Must Pudel

Must Pudel main lounge room

One funny episode happened 2 months ago with a young bartender, I asked caffelatte (simply said “latte” in estonian) and I recommended the guy to put just a drop of coffee,the guy clicked twice the coffee machine (equivalent of 2 espresso) and put all the coffee inside…result was much more coffee than latte…but ok can happens everywhere,prices are very competitive there and important detail is that workers are friendly and smiling that is important element for a kind of bar like that,it makes more welcoming.

Must Pudel

 In the weekend often happens to find some event in Must Pudel,some band plays live music or some dj plays in the main room, ticket is usually not higher than 5€ and it´s ok to spend time before to go in some club , so don´t have so high expectatations and just enjoy what you find,it doesn´t matter how you dress and if you have prada shoes,just relax and get in the spirit of the place.

Must Pudel is in Muurivahe 20,Tallinn.