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I just realized that in the new Facebook timeline the “notes” section is almost invisible or hidden,this makes me think soon probably the notes will be totally fade away,we live in the society of the image and no one cares about what we think and our personal stories,much more important to share cute pics and play farmville… really disappointed by this FB choice but I will move some of my memories here in my blog.

At school with my mom

by Dominick Aiello (Notes) on Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 4:23am

Some week ago my mother has gone in pension,she was a teacher for so many years.I felt so sad when she decided to retire…into my minds so many memories came out. 

I was living in very small place on the sea,turistical place,so crowdy in summer,so dead all the rest of the year…when I was a child I spent most of my days watching tv,I still remember a lot of A-team episodes,Magnum PI,Supercar,Chip´s all the american series and cartoons programmed on tv.

My mom was working as teacher,my dad in tobacco shop,I couldn´t go out so often. So also junior school was such a pleasure for me ,at least I could meet and play with my schoolmates.

In that time my mom worked in Cutro,13 km far from our place,someday to break my boring routine she brought me with her in her school.

I loved a lot to go there,I remember so well that school,it was built in the early eighty and at time was so modern,good looking,vanguard,the cosy amphitheater,the ceiling so high or maybe I was so little that everything looked so high. I remember the hall,the shadow in early morning and a thin sunshine coming from the roof window,all the kids getting inside with their schoolbags bigger than them almost 🙂 ,how many! I was used to my school ,in my class we were just 10 and over there so many that looked to watch an army moving. I was so scared the first times,I didn´t know no one in that place,I was keeping my mom hand all the time and when her colleagues tried to greet me I also didn´t want to talk for the shyness. 

Usually when my mom brought me there I skipped my school,but my mom never worried about because she knew I was ahead than my classmates anyway and I could easily recover the lessons. My time when I was there was so cool,many times I escaped from her class when she did some very boring lesson (like Math for example) and I walked alone around the school,exploring the most hidden places there. 

My mom friend Salvatore il bidello ( the school caretaker) knew me and sometimes let me sit in his workstation and also took with him at bar or in the little foodstore. How cool that man was,he was so quiet and smiling person,my mom told me with the time he was also very religious,he had so long brown beard,all the time with the same clothes. I remember when he was out for illness and his substitute came that he immediately busted me running around the corridors,I said:”I am the son of the teacher Maria” but he called my mom and said I couldn´t stay alone wandering in the school.

So my school exploration time ended and I stayed all the time in my mom class. 

She had two classes, two 3th classes,section C and section D,but I liked much more to stay in the section C. My mom loved that class also if she said always that they were too rascal and created some problems,but that class was one of the best of ever and she still remember well despite all the classes she taught in her school career. I remind so well that in the beginning someone didn´t like me because I was the son of the teacher, natural antipathy,I was also 2 years younger than them…but then we started to play,to talk,when you are a child make friendship is so easy.

And everytime when I was going out with my mom we stopped in a little foodshop beside the school,goddamn how tasty were panini with italian cooked ham!!! they meltdown in the mouth. 

In the other side of the street there was another little shop of trinkets,I liked to buy stupid thigs and toys there,one day I wanted one watch in showcase and I plead my mom a lot to buy me that watch…I don´t know how much time lasted that watch but I guess not more than one week.

The return trip to home was often with my mom colleague and also one of the best friend Tonina, she is so lovely,funny and smiling person,still now she is. I remember all the time they made jokes about the school directors,or some colleagues,just innocent jokes but it was always so pleasant to travel with her that sometime was almost a pity the trip was so short. 

Some years ago I saw her for last time,she looked older of course,as always naturally “sun-tanned”,I was there with my ex-gf Minna ,Tonina and her family opened a restaurant…it was so pleasant night,she didn´t expect me there for sure and it was almost written in her face she was so glad to see me. I can say that for me she is such aunt and one of the person my mom shared so many positive and also some negative moments,she is part of my mom life and even mine naturally. 

Tonight I don´t know why but my mind took me there, in my mom school,a scruffy building now,abandoned at itself,with it´s crack on the walls and it´s green colour always more washed-out,but for me always so beautiful and over there I see again so many faces and my young mom that is still the coolest and the most important person for me.