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Varblane terrace

Summer is over from a while and while the leaves fall and first snowflakes are just waiting to paint white all around…I wanted to share with you my personal favourite summer places here in Tallinn.


Let´s start with Varblane,this year I elected Varblane as my favourite place,the main reason is the pleasant atmosphere you can enjoy in that terrace, it´s like to stay on a beach but in the middle of the city,the tall trees,the comfortable chairs,the wide umbrellas,the tastefully furniture,the refreshing shadow and the enjoyable little breeze of Harjumägi (Harju hill) ,plus usually very good selection of lounge music or quality house,cocktails are fine but not the excellence if you are used to Butterfly lounge,price are ok for the location and the environment.

Sometimes the service is not the best you can find,but generally the staff is quite friendly especially if you come often and don´t create mess. 

Most of clients come there are locals,also because komandandi tee is not so visible for the random tourist and maybe this makes the place better,because who goes there is  usually the local guy or crew sick of the tourist invasion and looking for a place to gather together and sip a drink chatting in peace and chilling out.

I spent many positive unforgettable nights there…so maybe the power of the memories made it my best place here.

Butterfly Lounge

Butterfly Lounge

Butterfly Lounge is still Butterfly lounge… I wrote about in the past and my idea is still the same: https://lordoftallinn.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/butterfly-lounge-tallinn/

What changed compared to last year is that I saw a little bit less people during the week and a lot of barbarian tourists like vultures around the bar desk, but it´s logical,the place got so popular and glamorous,sometime I think too much glamorous. Perhaps this is the reason this year I attended less , my friends started to say I am getting too much “estonized” , I don´t think so… just this year I wanted to go in places where I felt more energy and where I could talk with people,honestly Butterfly is an amazing lounge bar but it´s materially impossible to talk with anyone,volume is so loud, overcrowded all the time in the weekend,maybe it´s the best place to flirt…but if you are not so involved in flirting (I am a master of flirt…I can flirt in supermarket like in the church almost,it´s not a Vodka Redbull makes me brave…) better to skip at least in summer except when you want a real delicious cocktail…there´s not competition at all in the Baltics, Butterfly bartenders are the best indeed.


Katusekohvik indoor

Another oasis of peace and relax is Katusekohvik , some of my friends criticize me because also in summer I spent a lot of time in center or oldtown instead to attend summer locations like Pirita or Stroomi, but honestly the only place where I feel a little sense of summer here in Estonia is Pärnu,so better stay in my beloved oldtown and sip a refreshing cider in Katusekohvik for example.

The nice terrace facing on viru street makes Katusekohvik very attractive , the environment is nice and well done but not glamorous,prices are definitely competitive,food leave apart (especially sushi if you love real sushi) ,better just drink or smoke waterpipe with friends,chatting and having good time.

They enlarged the local lately creating some extra small rooms with comfortable sofa extended for all the room perimeter,ideal to celebrate a birthday party or if you come with a group from 4 to 10 people and want just to have more privacy. I think this is the main reason I come there,I love those little colorful rooms.



When the city is dead,in Clazz there is always something. I will talk next time about Clazz more,because Clazz deserves an in-depth chapter.

For sure in summer is not the best place to relax,especially terrace because passage is very high and it´s overcrowded at any hour,but in the beginning of the week or when the city has nothing interesting to offer you go in Clazz and there is always something to do,live music,some event or just the faithful Clazz customers attending. Clazz is an awesome place,to me in winter more than in summer but even in summer where I watch my friends posting pics about their exotic vacations and dreamy beach with golden sands and I am in Tallinn with in front a drunk finnish tourist burping in front of Helsinki bar…in those moment there is nothing better to join “Brazilian night” at tuesday in Clazz and for a moment fly on the notes of bossanova from Tallinn to Copacabana.

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